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Dishwasher/Prep Cook

Sawtooth Kitchen, Hanover NH

Job Type


About the Role



All line cook position are full time, if you need 40 hours, you got ‘em
Plenty of creative input and experimenting with food and techniques on a menu that will be changing and evolving as we go
Yearly raises, minimum at the rate of inflation so your wages wont stagnate
Scratch focused kitchen will allow you to make things you probably haven't before (american cheese, bacon, etc)
Set schedule so no guessing when your days off will be (and everyone gets their days off in a row)
Chef-owned so I know the struggle and will do my best to accommodate where I can
Artist friendly space, with opportunity to perform on stage or display your works.
Brand new kitchen space so it's easier to maintain at a very clean level
Employee discount
Bonus tied to restaurant success


Enthusiasm, energy, and a willingness to jump in with both feet are all that is required

Come ready to learn and be a part of the team

About the Company

Hanover’s newest restaurant, Sawtooth Kitchen, Bar and Stage, is ready to launch! We’re looking for enthusiastic and energetic team members who want to have a role in making this the special place we envision.
We are hoping to bring a new, different, and exciting offering to the town of Hanover, and we need your help to make this dream a reality! Live music, good food, and good vibes at Sawtooth Kitchen

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